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Cottage Grove, Oregon, Riding Club’s Annual Rodeo Features an “Animal Scramble”  

The Humane Society of Cottage Grove has protested.*

You can too!

VIEW THE “Animal Scramble” VIDEOS:

http://www.eugeneweekly.com/blog/cruel-rabbit-roundup  and



 Voice your concern to the Riding Club’s event director”

 Snail mail:

Eugene LaRoe, Event Director

Cottage Grove Riding Club
PO Box 485
Cottage Grove, OR 97424

E-mail:  http://www.cottagegroveridingclub.com/ContactUs.html 

 Sign the petition at


 The more people from different walks of life we can educate and get involved the more likely is our success.  Educate the following: 

The city manager: citymanager@cottagegrove.org

City Council member Victoria Doyle councilordoyle@cottagegrove.org 

The police Department cgpd@cgpolice.org <cgpd@cgpolice.org> (emphasis the connection between animal abuse and violence)

Lane County Animal Service Manager Mike Russell mike.russell@co.lane.or.us

Century 21 where tickets were sold to the rodeo: 
(541) 942-2121 -625 N 9th St, Cottage Grove, OR.  I couldn’t find an email address. Probably some in the office is a rodeo fan but maybe not everyone is there is.

Sears where they sold tickets to the rodeo:
118 South Gateway Boulevard, Cottage Grove, OR; direct store tele: 541-942-7377; general tele: 
(800) 366-0006.  It should be the customer service department where the tickets were sold.

Educators at Lane County Community College (Psychology Department) Ask them to evaluate the effects of such events on the well being of children. Ask them to write the City Manager requesting the end to the event. They might all be out on summer break but it’s worth a shot! All we have to do is connect with the right person.

Name: Cynthia Adams
Phone: (541) 463-5366
Email: Adamscyn@lanecc.edu

Name: Melinda Beane
Phone: (541) 463-5432
Email: BeaneM@lanecc.edu

Name: Barbara DeFilippo
Phone: (541) 463-5438
Email: DefilippoB@lanecc.edu

Name: David Duemler
Phone: (541) 484-0621
Email: DuemlerD@lanecc.edu

Name: Kendra Gilds
Phone: (541) 463-5854
Email: GildsK@lanecc.edu

Name: Eric Kim
Phone: (541) 463-5432
Email: KimE@lanecc.edu

Name: Lisa Kolbuss
Phone: (541) 463-5491
Email: KolbussL@lanecc.edu

Name: David Leung
Phone: (541) 463-5836
Email: LeungD@lanecc.edu

Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce
700 E. Gibbs, Suite C
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
P: 541-942-2411
F: 888-832-2045

 *Note from the Humane Society of Cottage Grove:
“The Humane Society of Cottage Grove has concerns regarding the Cottage Grove Riding Club Rodeo’s ‘Animal Scramble’, which involves children ages 4-12, chasing rabbits to capture and keep as pets. The club promotes this as a “fun” event; we consider it a promotion of animal cruelty. We, along with Red Barn Rabbit Rescue, contacted the Riding Club in writing to express our concerns, but have yet to receive a response.

Is this really “fun” or is it teaching children how to terrorize small animals?”




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In the practice called ‘live lure training’, rabbits are mercilessly tossed at greyhound dogs to be ripped apart, limb by limb. Though the National Greyhound Association has been promising to end this cruel and torturous practice, greyhound trainers continue to be caught in the act. Tell the leaders of this association that they must do more to end ‘live lure training’ for good.

Thanks to Diana Denza for organizing a petiton targeting The National Greyhon Association to end the use of live rabbits as bait in the training of greyhound racing dogs.




78 Rabbits Removed from Columbia Maryland Home

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In Columbia, Maryland this week, 78 rabbits in total were removed from a townhouse and taken to the Howard County Animal Control and Adoption Center. Please see original story here http://voices.washingtonpost.com/local-breaking-news/64-rabbits-found-in-home-in-co.html Homes are desparately needed for these rabbits.  If you can help, please contact Jessica Cain, the contact person at Howard County Animal Shelter, at 410-313-2771. Though the shelter is closed for this long holiday weekend, Ms. Cain will respond to email if you reach her at  helpingpets99@gmail.com.

This is sadly an all too common situation and the numbers of rabbits affected are astounding. Now more than ever, RabbitWise’s Bunderground Railroad could use more help in getting these bunnies out of these hoarding situations and into homes.  If you are interested, please go the Bunderground blog  at http://bundergroundrailroad.org/blog/ and click on Volunteer.  Thanks for helping us help the rabbits!

Bunderground RailRoad Web Site Updated

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RabbitWise’s  Bunderground Railroad  has recently had its web site updated with some significant new features. When news items are posted on the Bunderground Railroad web site, a copy of those messages can now be read on Facebook, read on Twitter, read through RSS web site feeds or for those interested they can get reminded by an automatic email that the site has been updated.  Many thanks to Steve Russell, who worked hard on making this happen  for us.

You can check all of these new features out by going to the URL below,
and going to the square icons in the lower left corner:

The Bunderground Railroad

RabbitWise Responds to Washington Post Rabbit Recipe‏

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On Wednesday 27 October 2010 the Washington Post in its food section printed a recipe for rabbit gumbo. (http://projects.washingtonpost.com/recipes/2010/10/27/rabbit-gumbo/ )
The text leading up to the actual recipe states the following:  “Rabbit is finding its way into more home cooking these days, for good reason. This recipe calls for one rabbit, but for a main course, you might wish to use two.”
Sadly the first statement is appallingly true, though do note that the author never explains what the “good reason” is  (we all know there IS none.)
In response to this, RabbitWise Volunteer Director Paulette Lincoln-Baker sent off a letter to the editor to the Washington Post, which has been published in the Saturday 30 October edition of the Washington Post, under its “FREE FOR ALL” section.  (At the moment it is not online.)  The text of Ms. Lincoln-Baker’s response is as follows:

Regarding the rabbit gumbo recipe in the Oct 27 Food Section: Perhps the Post next week could continue its insensitive trend of publishing offensive meals by including a recipe for German Shepherd’s Pie or tabby cat terrine. Dog and cat guardians will finally get a sense of what we rabbit companions are incessantly subjected to in the food and dining sections of most print media.

 Paulette Lincoln-Baker
The writer is volunteer director for RabbitWise, Inc., “which advocates on behalf of the domestic rabbit.”

 If you would like to chime in your viewpoints on this issue, you can send an email letter to letters@washpost.com .

A Call to Boycott Donna Karan, Bunny Butcher

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 For the second time, fashion designer Donna Karan has gone back on her word and resumed  using dead rabbits in the production of her clothing line.   She is well aware how rabbit fur is acquired thanks to previous discussions with animal rights groups but apparently still does not care, as her string of broken promises attest.  Please help us fight her and the fur imdustry by taking action now. Please visit this link http://www.dkbunnybutcher.com/index.aspx .  In the upper right, please click on YOU CAN HELP.  Thank you for helping RabbitWise help the rabbits.

RabbitWise Invitation – Bunnicula’s Gone Country

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Join us on the farm for fall fun:  hayrides, bobbing for apples, pumpkin painting, bonfire, & cook-out.  Visit with 9 horses, 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 rabbit, and assorted wildlife.


WHEN:  Saturday, October 23, 2010, 4PM to ?8 PM


WHERE:  CEDERNHOF FARM, 17310 Dent Road, Brandywine, MD 20613


RSVP or RIP: rabbitwise@verizon.net or 301-530-1252


DONATION:  $20 per person (tax deductible).  If you can’t join us, please consider making a Pay Pal donation at the links on our web site, www.rabbitwise.org or snail mail it RabbitWise, Inc. P.O. Box 2543, Kensington, MD. 20891-2543.   The Bunderground Railroad has been working overtime as usual.  We always need cash to help sick and injured rabbits who are transported by the railroad and at times we need airfare because there’s no other alternative.  Because of need at the boarder, we are now trying to expand into Canada. We always need funding to continue our projects advocating specifically for rabbits when and wherever they are being exploited and treated inhumanely. 




Get into your boots and jeans, bring carrots for the horses, an appetite, a fun-loving attitude and join RabbitWise for a good time this fall in the country.


                            FRIENDS OF RABBITS will be there selling rabbit supplies.


 ALL DONATIONS GO TO RabbitWise to help the rabbits!




From Metro DC, MD, VA:  From the beltway use exit 7A south Rt 5 towards Waldorf. Travel about 15 miles. Just past Brandywine Crossing Shopping Center on the left (spot Target, Safeway, Bonefish Grill) get into left lane.  Spot sign for Cederville State Park, turn left at 7-11 (Wawa is on the right) onto Cederville road. Continue on Cederville road, bear right at Stop sign, then over the RR tracks for approximately 4 miles. You will pass Country Lane on the right and then pass thru a big left sweeping curve. Look for sign directing to the entrance of Cederville State Forest at the intersection of Cederville Road and Bee Oak Road. Turn right onto Bee Oak Rd.  Just before park entrance turn right onto Dent Road. Continue past two frame houses on your left. Turn left onto gravel lane at Cedernhof Farm sign (also a sign saying “Horses Boarded” with a phone number). If you need help with directions, call 301-758-6923. Park where directed to do so. Bunnicula is up by the first building on the right.


From Southern MD:   travel north Rt 5 and Rt 301. At the Charles County/ Prince Georges County line (Wawa on left, 7-11 on the right) turn right onto Cederville Rd. and continue with above directions for DC and Va.